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Counseling Costs and Insurance

What to know about paying for therapy

We accept some insurance carriers and out-of-pocket payment. We’re happy to provide a superbill to submit to any insurance carrier for out-of-network coverage (it is up to you to confirm what they’ll cover).


Out of pocket sessions cost $95 – $135 per 50 minutes.

Our fee range encompasses a sliding scale for those who qualify based on income and employment.


We take Cigna and Optum Insurance, for which cost is determined in part by your insurance company

We provide a superbill for you to submit to your insurance carrier if you’d like to use out of network benefits

You are responsible for submitting superbills and other documentation to insurance as needed, as well as making sure that your insurance coverage is up to date and active

You will be financially responsible for any fees not covered by insurance, including those incurred due to a lapse in insurance or other issues


How do we determine your session cost on our scale?

First, we trust you. When we discuss finances on the phone, we’ll ask you what you can afford in the range of $95 – $135. Please be honest – we charge fees for therapy so that we can stay in business and serve as many people as possible.

If your financial status changes – for example, you lose a job, or you get a new job, we re-visit what you can afford for your session.

We also take into consideration how often you are coming to therapy. Coming every week creates a different cost than coming every other week or once a month.

4 sessions per month @ $135 = $540/month
2 sessions per month @ $135 = $270/month
1 session per month @ $135 = $135/month

Assessing monthly cost rather than just weekly cost can be a helpful way to understand what you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t pay one week?

Please, call ahead so that we can discuss when you will be able to pay or so we can adjust your fee. If you can pay within the week, we can still have session. If you have an outstanding balance, we will not hold session until your balance is paid.

How often do you meet with your clients?

At first, we typically meet once per week. Occasionally, we will start off meeting more or less frequently depending on what you need. As you make progress, we’ll meet every other week or monthly.

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