Personal Investment: How to Afford Counseling & Why It Matters

We believe that counseling is an investment in yourself and your future.

What’s at risk by not investing in your time and money in your mental health?

You deserve to be comfortable, happy, and feel in control of yourself – and you can.

We like to be upfront about all aspects of counseling costs, including dollars, time, and session commitments.


per session

50 minutes

per week

4-8 sessions

to see real change

Wondering why counseling and therapy costs can seem high?

We know that counseling costs can be expensive. We’ve gone to therapy and counseling before and paid the fees ourselves! This is what we’ve found about why therapy is expensive:

  1. If you’re wondering why therapy is so darn expensive, we’re happy to talk about what goes into all the costs and why it’s a worthy investment in yourself, your relationships, and your health.
  2. Ah – there it is – that word investment. We typically see therapy as a cost the way we see medical bills as such. Think of therapy like eating healthy food – this is a way that you are taking care of yourself, and the cost is part of making sure you’re healthy and up to snuff in the long run. You might see it as an education on yourself, much the way you may have invested in a college or vocational education.
  3. Therapy is a business, and because therapists are bound by seeing (typically) only one person at a time, and complying with specific regulations, licensing, and laws (such as HIPAA), the business expenses are often more than that of service providers such as hairdressers. It’s an unfortunate, but absolutely necessary, reality of the work that we do.

Looking for creative ways to pay for therapy or find low cost therapy? Here are some tips.

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