Practice Specialties


Anxiety &

Anxiety and depression are understandable responses to the every day stresses we face, whether they are moment by moment, like traffic, or more global concerns such as healthcare, politics, and finances.

These issues don’t need to run your life. Together, we can work on how to manage anxiety and depression, understand their influence in your life, and make meaningful change for more motivation, more pleasure in activities, healthier bodies, and healthier minds. You don’t need to be consumed by worry or have trouble getting out of bed every day!


Wondering who you “really are,” or trying to get to know yourself? Trying to understand how you fit into the world around you, and what feels comfortable for you? Perhaps you feel like what you’re doing at the moment isn’t purposeful or meaningful and you’re looking for your purpose.

With values-based work, we can help you feel comfortable with how you show up in the world. Every part of your identity - parenting, family, career, hobbies, relationships, gender identity, and son on - will be taken into account with respect and non-judgment.


Relationships can be tough! Perhaps you’re struggling to express vulnerability with someone you care about, or you feel like you’re not connecting with a loved one or with family members. Come to therapy together or come on your own; either way, you deserve to feel like you are seen and are connecting in relationships. We’ll take a look at what’s holding you back, and what might be a fitting way for you to move forward.

Life stuff

Maybe you’re questioning something besides what’s above, or facing a different struggle not mentioned. We don’t just offer support for the above; we also offer support for other questions and challenges. Perhaps you’ve just transitioned to living in Denver from somewhere else and you’re starting a life on your own here. Or it might be that you’re in the midst of changing jobs, struggling with finances, feeling insecure about your life path, feeling like you’re flailing, getting married soon … the list goes on. We can help.