How to start individual counseling

The process is easy + quick. We detail it below so that you can know what
to expect and feel comfortable starting on this new journey!

1. Read through our approach, pricing, and other info.

Take a look around to see if our philosophy and approach might be a good fit for you. We’ll chat more on the phone or a video call, but in the meantime, this is a good way to get started.

You can learn about how we think about therapy, our values, and how to pay for therapy (including insurance options!).

2. Check your schedule & shoot us an email.

Check your schedule, and then fill out scheduling form below for a free 20-30 minute consultation. An initial consultation helps us both make sure we are a good fit to work together and that we can potentially accomplish your goals.

3. Schedule & attend a free consultation.

We’ll send you a video link (or, if you prefer, we can call) for your specified time. You don’t need to download any app; you can take the video call in your browser. All video calls are on a HIPAA compliant, secure platform. I will always take our calls in a private, quiet room.

If we’re feeling good about our new relationship, we can schedule your first session at the end of our call. If you’re shopping around (as you should!) then you can reach out later to let me know your decision, and we can schedule (or not!) then.

4. Fill out the paperwork we send you via email.

If we’re moving forward together, I’ll send over some paperwork: demographics & payment/insurance info, some background medical & therapy history, and consent forms (including for telehealth).

You can fill out all paperwork online and provide an e-signature. These forms must be filled out before we get started – they’re important for understanding billing, practice policies, and informed consent.

5. Attend sessions!

Now we can get started – each week, you’ll receive a video link to our private video room. We’ll meet for 50 minutes, usually weekly to start.

Schedule Your First Session Now!

Fill out this form and we will respond to you within one to two business days to schedule your first session.