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 Individual Counseling

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If you’ve been waking up filled with dread for the coming day, like you have to “make it through”

Or maybe an overwhelming sense of uncertainty, difficult making decisions

A feeling of not being “good enough” or not “measuring up” to others’ expectations and standards

then you’ve found the right counseling for you.


I’ve heard it as…

“I should have a more impressive job…

“I’m not supposed to spend my money that way….

“I have to force myself to go to the gym and workout….

“I dread going to work every day…

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This doesn’t have to be you anymore.

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When I hear those statements about dread, not being good enough, feeling obligated to do things we don’t want…

I also hear “I’m not doing things the right way - the way that everyone else does them - and the way that I’m told to live.”

To which I ask a seeming simple (yet tough) question: do you want to do it that way, or do you want to do it in a way that feels good to you?

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I believe life is about enjoyment -

we don’t need to “just cope.” We can actually feel better.

Without action,

things stay the same. Quick fixes and superficial changes don’t last.

 With Open View Counseling, you can

  • Learn how to prioritize your own values rather than being obligated to others

  • Understand and manage how other people and external influences affect you

  • Find confidence in yourself, your decisions, and your identity

  • Experience your own value and define a life and goals that are right for you

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What to Expect in Individual Counseling

You’ve already taken the first step by starting to research counseling options.


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Schedule a free consultation, in which we can also book your first appointment and get you paperwork.

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Show up to your first session - we’ll review your priorities and goals, and get to know each other.

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Typically, we’ll do weekly sessions for 4-6, and track your progress with outcome rating scales.

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When you or I feel that it’s time to wrap up therapy and decide next steps, we can do so together. You can always return later if you decide you need support again.