Individual Counseling near City Park in Denver, Colorado

Learn how to set boundaries, manage anxiety, and understand yourself in individual counseling.

Learn how to take care of yourself effectively.

Individual counseling at Open View focuses on your relationships with the world and people around you – including your problems. We collaborate with you to heal from the past, learn about who you are and who you can be, and develop into that self. Managing anxiety, learning about social and cultural influences on our lives, and identifying values and priorities are all part of this.

Ready to learn, heal, and grow? We can help you.

How to know if individual counseling can be helpful for you

You feel out of touch with your self and keep saying things like “I want to feel like myself again”
Perfectionism, guilt, and/or anxiety are running your life and making your decisions for you
You find yourself saying “yes” to people or things when you wish you were saying “no”
You’ve been ruminating on taking action, but can’t seem to do anything with your ideas or goals
You frequently mention that you’re “just overthinking” something

What you can accomplish in individual counseling and therapy

Learn how to set boundaries that teach other people how they can – and can’t – treat you
Practice leaning in to anxiety so that it’s not control, but you are
Develop the ability and confidence to say no when you want to say no
Figure out what narratives are getting in the way of your growth and development, and re-write the narrative to start creating change
Understand patterns (such as overthinking) and their influence on your mood and behavior
Learn how to manage unhelpful and unproductive patterns and worry so that they can’t hold you back anymore

Meet Your Therapist

Megan Yarnall

Megan’s approach to individual counseling is based on understanding the problems in your life, mapping their influence, and empowering you to make decisions for yourself. Anxiety, perfectionism, or guilt don’t get to make the decisions for you anymore.

How to get started with individual therapy

We know it can be intimidating get started in counseling, especially if you’ve never been before. We offer a free first session to make sure that we’re a good fit to work together and to make sure you feel comfortable getting started. You can expect the easy steps below – and feel free to ask us questions at any time!

Call to schedule your FREE first session

Give us a call or shoot us an email so we can schedule your first session – on us! It’s important that your therapist is a good fit for you and the work you’d like to do.

Fill out the paperwork

We’ll send you paperwork via email so that you can review our policies and practice information before we meet. You can submit the paperwork online before your session.

Show up to your first session

Come prepared to talk about what you’re looking for in counseling, why you feel you need counseling now, and the outcomes that you’d like to work on throughout the counseling process.

Schedule your first session today.