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Online Counseling & Mental Health Services

Our online counseling services make it easy to show up for counseling on your time.

Anxiety & Perfectionism

We’ve learned a thing or two about anxiety over time – including that it has friends like perfectionism that tell us we’re not good enough, we can’t ask for help, or we need to show up the ‘right’ way in order to be liked or loved.

Take a step back from anxiety by joining me for counseling sessions in which we’ll start by separating your identity from that of anxiety and move forward by developing the parts and attributes of your self that you prefer.

Stress Management

Our lives are more stressful than ever – even things that we enjoy bring a certain level of stress to our day when we’re trying to fit all our work and passions into 24 hours. A ‘productivity culture’ keeps us from being bored, but makes it hard for us to relax. Fear of missing out, or fomo, doesn’t help.

Prioritizing and decision making – including feeling empowered and confident in saying no – can help lessen stress and can actually help us enjoy our activities more when we do less.

Work & Career Counseling

Work and career counseling can take different forms: identifying and setting goals for a career change, learning how to set boundaries within work culture so that you’re not working 60 hours per week, or figuring out how to effectively communicate with coworkers for more productive and enjoyable work relationships.

We can discuss any issues related to work or career in order to improve both your work and personal lives.

General Mental Health & Wellbeing

Things above resonate, but don’t quite hit the mark? I provide counseling that focuses on a variety of personal topics, not just the above. Sessions often cover personal relationships (both platonic and romantic), family relationships, identity questions, values identification, boundary setting, life transitions, decision making, and more.

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