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Approach & Practice


Helping clients relieve and manage anxiety and stress in a peaceful, natural setting.

Welcome to Open View Counseling, conveniently located on York Street near City Park in Denver, Colorado. Here, I know ongoing wellness and happiness require objective guidance and support, as well as consistency.

I aim to guide clients in a safe, relaxing environment while offering them objective consultation, feedback, and conversation-provoking questions that foster new perspectives and new ways of approaching a problem. I understand that for many people, seeking counseling and therapy for anxiety is an anxiety-inducing action itself; I’m always open to questions, feedback, and changes that will make counseling more comfortable and accessible.


Megan Yarnall, MA, LPC

With a background in applied behavior analysis and marriage and family therapy, Megan brings a unique perspective to client-centered, contextual therapy.

Self esteem is the ability to see yourself as a flawed individual and still hold yourself in high regard.
— Esther Perel