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If you are a young adult who is ready to challenge the problems you’re facing – let’s work together.

If you ….

  • are mid 20s to mid 30s
  • identify as any gender
  • live in Colorado
  • are any race
  • come from any culture
  • come from any family background
  • are a student, or a working student,
  • are employed or not

and are ready to:

  • establish healthy boundaries & healthy relationships
  • tolerate and find meaning in uncomfortable emotions
  • get space from anxiety, depression, perfectionism or similar issues
  • establish or change careers or work
  • feel less anxious about decision-making
  • work on your general mental health and wellbeing
  • develop your sense of identity
  • foster self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth or self-love
  • and more

then let’s talk and work together!

I help people best when

  • they’re struggling with anxiety, depression, perfectionism, feeling “less than” or “not good enough,” or wondering how to make the next change or make progress in their lives.
  • clients show up consistently, and can commit to the non-linear process of therapy.
  • clients are in their mid to late 20s or early 30s, and are looking for change or struggling in their careers, personal relationships, families, or other areas that influence their wellbeing.

It’s harder for me to help people when

  • people are struggling with disorders that require more specializiation, such as addiction disorders, schizophrenia, or psychotic disorders.
  • people need more than one session a week, or are facing high-risk suicidal ideation or crises.
  • people are younger than college-age or older than late 30s.

This doesn’t mean I can’t help you if these apply – we can still chat and see if we are a good fit! If we’re not a good fit, I will do my best to provide to you appropriate referrals and find the care you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What therapy modality do you practice?

I primarily use a narrative therapy approach, but you’ll also hear me incorporate Emotion Focused Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, and other ideas such as attachment theories.

Why have you chosen this approach?

After my own experiences in therapy as well as experience in working with other modalities, I’ve found that narrative therapy is most effective for my clients, not to mention that it’s also much less shaming and offers a lot more possibility for imagining and creating change.

Who do you typically work with?

I typically work with young adult professionals or students who are beginning to establish themselves in their adult lives, whether that’s in careers, relationships, or otherwise. Most of my clients are between the ages of 24 and 35.

How often do you meet with your clients?

At first, we typically meet once per week. Occasionally, we will start off meeting more or less frequently depending on what you need. As you make progress, we’ll meet every other week or monthly.

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