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Roots and Approach

The best therapy theories are rooted in philosophy: an attempt to understand and make sense of our world, our relationships, and what it means to be human.

My work rests on these foundational beliefs:


Reality is constructed by everything around us – not just inside ourselves. Society, politics, economics, etc. dictate our world. Everything we experience tells us how to view, experience, and interpret our problems.


People are dynamic. This means that we change and that we are constantly affected by what’s around us. If we were static, we would remain unchanged by anything we encountered. It’s impossible for humans to be static.


People are processes. We do not come to know our one ‘self’ and never have to re-investigate. Just as we are dynamic, we are in constant process. Our ‘selves’ are ever-growing, ever-changing entities.


Our problems are separate from our selves. Problems are something that we experience, and we come to therapy for support in shifting our relationship to a problem or shifting our understanding of it.


We face uncertainty, discomfort, loneliness, and similar existential experiences all the time. We make our own meaning and purpose in order to tolerate these as best we can.


Everyone is doing their best to survive in a chaotic, confusing, uncertain (and also beautiful) world.


It takes effort and intention to find marvel and awe, purpose and meaning, and enjoyment.

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