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Costs, Coverage, Options

How to pay for counseling

Multiple payment and pricing options make it easier for everyone to get counseling.

Fees and rates

Applicable to: Young adults not in school, working full or part time

Fees range from $95 to $135 per session for adults who are not in undergraduate or graduate programs and are currently working.

When discussing your fees, we will start at $135 and consider your individual need and situation, including:

  • Employment status
  • Financial obligations including loans, rent, etc.
  • During our initial consultation, we will discuss fees so that there are no surprises when payment is due.

If you are a student paying for school with student loans, and supporting yourself through your program, I am happy to offer a reduced rate (below sliding scale) for your therapy sessions.

Student rates range from $70-90 per 50 minute session.

I am in network with Cigna and Optum. In-network insurance typically requires either payment in full until you hit your deductible, or a copay. Some plans cover the entire session fee. Your fee per session will ultimately depend on your insurance provider and plan.

When you fill out your paperwork, we will verify your insurance coverage. While we can check your coverage, ultimately you are responsible for making sure the details are correct and understanding your insurance plan and coverage.

Contracting is currently in process with Aetna, and I hope to accept Aetna insurance soon. In the meantime, you could use your out of network benefits and then we could switch when contracting has been completed.

Check your Cigna, United/Optum, or Aetna benefits.

For insurance networks other than the ones above, I can provide you a superbill that you can submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Reimbursement is entirely dependent on your insurance carrier and your plan. Not all plans include out of network benefits, and not all insurance companies offer out of network benefits at all. You are responsible for contacting your insurance company and finding out what out of network benefits your plan offers. You are also responsible for paying the full session fee at the time of session, and submitting your superbill to your insurance company for reimbursement. Your insurance company will reimburse you directly.

Many insurance plans provide out of network coverage, with partial coverage of fees. Not all insurance plans provide this (for example, Kaiser will not) so check your individual plan for out of network mental health coverage.

Sliding scale may or may not be available for clients using out of network insurance, depending on coverage and affordability.

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