The cost of therapy across the United States can vary greatly by where you live. How much therapy costs in Denver varies based on many factors.

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Typical Cost of Therapy in Denver

If you are paying out-of-pocket for therapy in Denver, expect to pay from $80 per session to $150 per session.

What influences this cost?

Licensed, experienced therapists are on the higher end of this scale. Therapists who have graduated from school and are working on their licensing hours under supervision will likely be on the lower end of the scale. This makes sense. When you are paying a licensed, highly seasoned therapist, you’re not just paying for their time. You’re also paying for expertise that they’ve gleaned over their career.

Furthermore, the therapist’s location can also influence this fee. Office costs and overhead expenses differ in different areas.

How much therapy costs in Denver is also related to what people in Denver can or are willing to pay. You’ll find in cities like New York, the lower end of the scale for cost is higher. The high end is astronomical! (And think of what it would cost to rent an office in NYC – ouch.)

Why is therapy so expensive?

An hourly fee of $150 may feel like too much to spend for one hour of time. However, upon examining the costs that a therapist is paying to run their business (including paying for their education to serve you, continuing education and professional development, consultation, and overhead) the hourly fees are more understandable.

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If I can’t afford this hourly fee, what can I do?

Therapists know that not all clients can afford a $80-$150 hourly fee. This is why some therapists, when they can, offer a sliding scale so that more people can access their services.

The US typically requires insurance carriers to offer offer mental health coverage (with a few caveats, of course.) Start by investigating what your insurance will cover and what the requirements are for you to receive coverage.

One of my favorite resources that I share often for affordable counseling is Open Path Collective. Open Path is an excellent resource for therapists across the United States who offer sessions for $30-$60 for individual clients and $50-$80 for couples.

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