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About Megan


People be able to access quality mental healthcare that centers them as a human being and helps us all understand each other as human beings.


Provide the highest quality care that I can by creating meaningful, healthy therapeutic relationships and providing ideas, tools, and community in which everyone can show up as themselves.

I believe that we relate to our selves and each other as things, rather than as beings with feelings and complexities. Our current way of relating keeps us from fulfillment, connection, and joy.

I can remember stepping off the bus at elementary school, as young as six or seven, and wondering about what other people saw through their eyes. What did the scene look like from their angle? Were the colors different? What did I look like? What did other people experience and what made them them – so different from me?

I still don’t have many of these answers, but I’m pretty sure I knew even then, before I was consciously aware of it, that I belonged in psychology.

I help clients learn how to understand the influences in their lives, from others expectations, cultural expectations, or relationship with self. When someone can exist in the world without internalizing “shoulds” or feeling bad about their decisions and meeting their needs, this is progress!

These clients find success and satisfaction in our work because I make a specific effort to understand both my client as their own being and the context of their experience. We don’t exist in a vacuum, unaffected by the world around us. We’re constantly interacting with the world in ways that we often don’t even notice every day! As someone who has held various jobs, returned to grad school in my mid 20s, moved across the country (and then to the middle), experienced loss and heartbreak, and still works in a remote web company while running a private practice, I can connect with my clients through imagination and curiosity, as well as a commitment to learning about, hearing, and acknowledging those around me.

I started my private practice to help others accomplish these things and find fulfillment and satisfaction after my own journey to discover a satisfying life myself. Open View Counseling was born out of my own need for independence and a taste for entrepreneurship and growth – I often see these values in my clients as well. When I started Open View in 2018, I left behind a position working with teens at a center in Centennial, CO, as well as a position in Evergreen, CO doing animal-assisted therapy. It was hard to say no to two other things I enjoyed, but I knew that saying no was the only way to develop what I truly wanted to invest in: a private practice driven by the values of curiosity, imagination, and empowerment.

Training & Continuing Education
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy Core Skills Training
  • Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Professionals
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Exposure & response therapy
  • Existential + interpersonal therapy
  • Eco therapy and nature based experiential therapies
  • Weekly + bimonthly consultation with other colleagues regarding both client issues + self-of-the-therapist topics
  • Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education & Psychology, Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage & Family Therapy (2016)
  • Florida Institute of Technology, Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (2016)
  • Dickinson College, Bachelor of Arts in English, 2010

Personal Principles

My principles guide how I approach my work each day, and help reign me in when I feel uncertain, confused, or disillusioned. They remind me about how I can be human every day, and they keep my purpose present in my awareness and experiences. When I remind myself of my principles, I can do my best work with clients.

Embrace the process, even in its discomfort.

Make space for thinking, not just doing.

Find what piques curiosity, and follow it.

There’s time + possibility for everything – slow down.