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Individual counseling with curiosity, imagination, collaboration.

This is what you need for effective, healing therapy, and it’s my goal to provide this kind of relationship for every client.

About Individual Counseling

In individual counseling, we often work with issues such as general anxiety, perfectionism, obsessive compulsive disorder, relationships + boundary setting, self-image + self-worth, and mood.

Individual counseling is offered:

  • In office
  • Virtual / telehealth / online
  • Outdoors, on a walk or at the park

We will typically meet once per week, or once every two weeks.

Foundations of General Individual Counseling


Centering the client as the focus of therapy means that your identity + your self come before a diagnosis. We do our best to not make assumptions based on labels or without questions.

Compassion & Self-Compassion

It’s easy to say, “I need to be nicer to myself” and it’s harder to understand and practice what this actually means. Learning about compassion and developing a self-practice is the foundation for all of the work we’ll do.

The Therapeutic Relationship

Our relationship as therapist and client often reflects the real world relationships that you participate in daily. We can use observations and feelings/emotions within our relationship to under what’s happening outside of therapy.

The Deeper Questions

While we may use behavioral interventions or other techniques, in order to work on authenticity and sense of self we need to address the bigger, deeper questions such as “who am I” and “what’s my purpose here?”

Example Counseling Goals

  • Increase sense of self-worth and self-confidence, while decreasing influence of anxiety + perfectionism.
  • Decrease intrusive, recurring thoughts (obsessions) while increasing mindfulness + stress management skills.
  • Increase ability to tolerate discomfort (typically in response to anxiety) in order to increase anxiety management skills.
  • Increase sense of self, including confidence.
  • Increase skills in identifying + implementing strategies for decision making, managing anxiety, separation of anxiety from self, managing stress.
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