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Outdoors Counseling

Outdoors counseling is similar to in office counseling, but involves fresh air, light movement (walking), and connection to nature.

Alternatively, we can meet in the office but incorporate specific nature based activities for you to practice in between sessions.

Therapy Goals + Preferred Outcomes

Outdoors counseling goals are often similar to in-office counseling goals.

In outdoors counseling, we may also include goals that aim to incorporate outdoors time, exercise, or nature-based mindfulness activities throughout your week.

Some of our goals may sound like:

  • Increase sense of self-worth and self-confidence, while decreasing influence of anxiety + perfectionism.
  • Decrease intrusive, recurring thoughts (obsessions) while increasing mindfulness + stress management skills.
  • Increase ability to tolerate discomfort (typically in response to anxiety) in order to increase anxiety management skills.
  • Increase sense of self, including confidence.
  • Increase skills in identifying + implementing strategies for decision making, managing anxiety, separation of anxiety from self, managing stress.

Other Location Options

In office