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Acceptance, creativity, and possibility drive our work.

We are invested in helping people improve their lives, and we believe this is best done by helping people imagine the possibilities that are available to them. Anxiety, depression, and other concerns typically blind us from imagining what’s out there for us – but you can have the confidence and fulfillment you are looking for.

Curiosity, imagination, possibility


not problems

Curiosity, Imagination, Possibility

I believe that we can’t help you if we don’t work on understanding your individual experience. When we work together, I will do my best to not make assumptions about you and what’s happening for you. Instead, I will ask questions to understand what a situation looks and feels like for you.

Counseling is also a place in which I will hold curiosity, imagination, and possibility for you when you are struggling to hold them. These things help us see how our lives can be different and how we can change. Anxiety, depression, perfectionism and other problems enjoy clouding our vision of the future – when they’re getting in the way, that’s when I can hold on to a clearer vision of the future with you.

Relationships First

In counseling and in life, relationships come first. We connect to the world through relationships – how we perceive ourselves, others, and everything around us.

I believe that everything is connected, and how we relate to things around us influences our experience of the world. We’ll look at your relationships with not just people, but also ideas and experiences in order to find meaning for you.

People, Not Problems

You’re a personnot a problem.

There’s nothing wrong with you. Problems are not an innate part of your personality or an aspect of you that can’t be changed – they’re something that you experience. You have a personality, character, and identity separate from the problems with which you’re familiar.


Everyone is expected to come as they are – when a client shows up and says “I feel like I can just be myself here. I don’t need to show up in a particular way” – then I know I’m doing my job. There is no “right” way to exist and there’s no “right” way to show up in the world – there are myriad ways to be and to exist. When we can practice that together, be human, and accept each other and ourselves as we are, there’s less space for anxiety, perfectionism, comparison, depression … the list could go on. Come as you are.