Hey there! You must be looking for counseling with a coaching approach.

Imagine a world in which you’re not held back by anxious thoughts, judgement, comparison, worries of what other people think of you, or any of those other pesky concerns. Our anxiety counseling helps get you there.

Flexible, convenient cost and scheduling that fits your needs.

Virtual appointments during COVID-19

Morning, lunchtime, and evening schedule for flexibility with differing work & school schedules

Scaled fees based on financial need

Support in understanding the costs associated with therapy and how to plan for them


dollar investment per session


minute sessions weekly or every other week


Ready to create change that lasts?

We’re here to help you get from point A to point B without looking back. Whether it’s addressing anxiety so that it no longer holds you back, or facing your fears about the future, we can help you. In counseling, we frequently address topics including relationship with self, relationship with money, career and work troubles or aspirations, identity development, pursuit of a richer life, and much more.

Our Guiding Principles & Beliefs

We approach both people and therapy with ethics and experience that we believe serves you best. More about our guiding principles and beliefs are coming soon, so check back!

What You Can Expect Working With Us

Aside from the occasional cat or dog appearance as we work from home these days, learn about what our therapy process looks like.

Investment Costs & How to Pay for Therapy

Therapy and counseling costs can add up. It’s an investment in yourself, your relationships, your future, and your wellbeing. Let’s explore why therapy is worth the cost.


– Individual Counseling
– Nutrition for Mental Health
– Book & Resource Recommendations
– Flexible Scheduling
– Superbill for Submission to Insurance


– Manage Anxiety
– Feel Good Enough!
– Understand Yourself
– Improve Relationships
– Achieve Purpose & Fulfillment


Counselors & Therapists

Megan Yarnall

Megan approaches anxiety with a focus on moving away from the perfectionism that has seeped into our every day lives. With practical tools and candid conversation, Megan will guide you in changing your relationship with anxiety and yourself.

Whitney Cline

With an emphasis on marriage and family therapy, Whitney counsels individuals, couples, teens, and families to improve relationships, communication, and self-esteem.

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